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India Ink Drawings by ODETTE CAMP

Born of a blue sky and a changing sea, I have said that I don’t like Paris. But here it is before my eyes with its myriad faces, from the Canal de la Villette to the Institute, in front of which tall, leafless trees send their reflections into the pearly Seine where large boats idle in front of the Pont Marie.

From squares squeezed between high houses with attic windows to alleyways with potbellied facades, it is the oft-disregarded Paris which the precise and profound sketches of Odette Camp reveal to us.

The home of Queen Anne d’Autriche, the arches of the Hôtel d’Argenson, the grapevines scaling the walls of the Cour de Rohan... it took those brushes made of twigs dipped in India ink to revive their ancestral magic to our eyes. And the magic of bridges... and water....

From the secret charm of the Place de Furstenberg to the Barbès Carrousel, and including a variety of lovingly observed recesses, the rigorous and sensitive Odette Camp, guided by her eyes of poet-painter, allows us to share in the emotion that radiates from this enormous city, the Queen of France. Her highly personal technique is effective whether portraying the unexpected nobility of Paris’ old neighborhoods, the solemn Corsican countryside underscored by watercolors, or the virile contours of unmasted Spanish boats. Through the power of her pursuit, well beyond the picturesque (a sure sign of mastery), Odette Camp thrusts us into the very heart of pathos.

Thyde MONNIER, 1960

Odette Camp et la presse

Odette Camp et Paris


René Barotte – 25-03-1958 - Odette Camp :
dessinateur de Paris (portrayer of Paris)



Marcel Espiau –21-03-1958



Guy Dornand – 13-12-1960



Maurice Tassart – 13-12-1960



Raymond Cogniat - 12-01-1961



Christine Gleiny – 15-12-1960 - Odette CAMP :
vigor and sensitivity



Maxime Belliard – 16-12-1960


 LE MONDE Olivier Schmitt – 24 - 07-1983



LE PROVENÇALEdmée SANTY –24 -08-1983

A Marseillaise who knew Paris’s deepest secrets

Odette Camp at the Musée Carnavalet