signature d'Odette Camp


René Barotte – 25-03-1958 - Odette Camp : dessinateur de Pari (portrayer of Paris)

This artist who, when painting, is not entirely free of the rather neo-classical influence of her master, Despujols, has, in her drawings, conveyed a liberty of expression which enchants us. We can truly sense the heartbeat of Paris in the hundred black and white sketches presented at the Galerie R. G. Michel. Camp has grasped all of the beauty of the city’s alleys and the old mansions of the Marais, whose least detail is recorded without triteness. A unique technique (she has left pencils and charcoal behind in favor of sticks dipped in India ink) allows her to obtain both a great deal of power and a most sensual stroke (...) A triumph of blacks and whites, particularly in her studies of extravagant, misshapen thousand-year-old trees where, without a doubt, she has given her all.